TJK cleaned two HVACs and 24 vents in my 3 story house. The team was professional, knowledgeable (explained everything, took before and after pictures) and very responsive with the booking schedule and returning emails/text in a timely manner. Originally, I went with Sears who charged less but who also failed to show up twice and asked me if their equipment would work in my house. TJK is a much better choice. I will be using them again!

Christina Handley

I don’t often write reviews but this time the service I received compelled me. Many companies do not do this correctly or use the correct tools and equipment and charge a minimal amount to essentially blow around the dust, lint, and debris which makes things worse. Let me tell you that this company is one of the good ones. I did extensive research on what was the ‘correct’ process and it was critical I find a company that does it right – it is a pretty pricey job after all. United not only does the process correctly, they go above and beyond. My rep, Erik, did a phenomenal job. First of all, they use the right tools and equipment for the job. There was a fair amount of setup before he even turned on the special duct vacuum – which is important because you have to make sure the vents get the proper suction. He cleaned each vent carefully and thoroughly using the right tools. He cleaned up after himself thoroughly as well. He explained himself throughout and if I asked any questions he was happy to answer. I felt like he treated my home and cleaned it as if it were his own, which is probably the highest compliment I could give. I cannot stress this enough – this company does the cleaning the proper way. In fact, I felt like for the effort put in, I got an incredible deal. If you are considering United-TJK Cleaning, please do not hesitate to call them. They are a great company who do a great job. And a special Kudos to Erik, the rep who serviced our condo.

Jeniffer Pedro

TJK service my Air Ducts, they are a great company they come out to your home and conduct a free estimate of what needs to be done. Their techs are knowledgeable and have great customer service. They also keep you informed on what is being done and if additional services are needed. And the great part you get before and after pictures of their work.

Catrina McGregor

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