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TJK Air Cleaning LLC is a professional duct cleaner located in 2042 peach orchard dr. falls church VA22043 

We cover a 30 miles radius from our company address.

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30% or $100 Discount for NEW customers

⚠️Protect yourself and your family with air duct cleaning services!

DID YOU KNOW that 10 lbs of dust in air ducts (Pollen, Pet Dander, Mold Spores, Dust) can cause health issues for you and your loved ones?

DID YOU KNOW that you spend 80% of your time indoors and that indoor air pollution is among the TOP 5 environmental dangers according to the EPA?

DID YOU KNOW that you breathe in 14,000 quarts of air every day and that indoor air is 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air if your air ducts are not cleaned?

Air duct cleaning

It all starts with the right equipment. We use state-of-the-art tools designed specifically for residential work. We use machines that pull a powerful suction over the entire duct system. We also use various tools such as rotary brushes, tin snips, and many others to carefully remove all the dirt from the ducts and leave them dust-free.

Air vent cleaning

Whether you live in a house or an apartment complex, we can clean your air vents the right way. Our services are designed to reduce the number of injuries, damages, and even deaths caused by unclean vents every year.


30% or $100 Discount for NEW customers

Or call us NOW: +1 888 999 7710

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Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned is Essential to Keeping Indoor Air Safe & Providing Allergy Relief

Dirty air ducts are the common cause of allergies, sore throat, colds and coughing!

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