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TJK Cleaning is proud to announce a successful chimney cleaning service for a private residence in Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Our chimney cleaning crew has CSIA Chimney Sweep Certificates and when it comes to chimneys, no job is too big or too small for them to clean. 

When it comes to your chimneys, NFPA recommends that they must be cleaned once a year by a professional chimney cleaner. And that is why our client has hired TJK Cleaning for this job. He didn't want any harmful substance that will potentially burn down his home and endanger his family. 

As we arrived at our client's home in Leesburg Pike, TJK Cleaning immediately started working using our specialized tools such as a high-powered vacuum system to control dust, brushes to clean the entire interior of the flue, and more. After 2 hours, we finally cleaned up everything, and now, our client can use it to warm up his home this winter!

The Importance of Hiring a Chimney Cleaner for Your Chimney Cleaning Needs

Hiring a chimney cleaner for all your chimney cleaning needs is important. Imagine cuddling up to your beloved by a lit fireplace and black smoke immediately starts spreading inside, it'll be a mood killer and you'll have to call the fire department. If you don't want to deal with the hassles of burning down your house or risk the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, here are the reasons why hiring a chimney cleaner is important.


A Professional Chimney Cleaning Service will provide:


  • A professional chimney cleaner will remove debris - Each year, the massive amount of debris that collects in chimneys poses a big threat to people's safety. The dangerous substances, such as smoke, get trapped inside your chimney and never make it out, which could lead to serious problems for you and your family. The longer you let the buildup go on, the more toxins you expose yourself to. Having your chimney cleaned is not only a wise decision for the sake of your health, but it'll also keeps your house safe from fire hazards.


  • A professional chimney cleaner will remove creosote buildup - When you use your fireplace, smoke is supposed to come out of the chimney in a big cloud, giving your home a lovely and warm feeling. However, if your chimney has been blocked by debris, you could have creosote buildup, a black and tar-like substance that forms inside the walls of your chimney. This nasty stuff can catch fire very fast and is always the cause of fires in residential homes and commercial buildings. A professional chimney cleaning service will make sure that creosote buildup will be properly removed to keep you safe when you use your fireplace.


  • A professional chimney cleaner will repair any cracks due to wear and tear - When you rely on a professional chimney cleaner to inspect your chimneys, you can expect that they will be able to repair any cracks due to weather, wear and tear, as well as other factors. A professional chimney cleaner will make sure that your chimneys are in working condition since a damaged chimney can allow harmful smoke to be let inside your home. It is best to have your chimneys inspected by a professional so you know if there are any damages.

Telltale Signs For When You Need A Professional Chimney Cleaning Service

Is there a fireplace in your home? If that’s the case, then it means you have to take care of it more often than not. A chimney needs regular cleaning to ensure that it’s safe and usable. Your chimney can get dirty when you use it for fires or for heating your home. If left unattended, the fire and heat will surely damage the interior walls of your chimney, particularly when there’s soot and creosote from the flames. The best way to avoid this is to hire a professional chimney cleaning service.

So how will you know if it’s time for a professional chimney cleaning service? It’s not always easy to see signs of damage on your own if you don’t have any knowledge about what to look for. Here are some telltale signs that indicate that you need a professional chimney cleaning service:

  • When you’re trying to get a fire going on a cold night, or if you’re trying to keep one going that’s started to go out, it can be more difficult to get going or keep going. There are various reasons for this, but one of the most common is that the chimney is clogged. Airflow is restricted, and it takes more effort (and sometimes, more things) to get the fire going and keep it going.


  • The fireplace damper is the small door that closes off your fireplace when it's not in use. If this door is black, it's a good indicator of creosote buildup. Creosote is a by-product of burning wood and, like any buildup, it can eventually cause problems if not addressed.


  • Your chimney has been an ideal home for animals for a long time. It's high off the ground, empty during the colder months, and comfortable for nesting. Birds and squirrels are the most known culprits for making nests in your chimney. A blocked chimney will not properly ventilate the smoke out of your chimneys. That means that instead of going up into the sky, smoke stays inside your house and can cause health problems and other complications.


  • No matter what kind of wood you burn in your fire, the smoke will eventually build up in your chimney and need to be cleaned out. If you wait too long to clean it, the buildup will become so thick that it will clog the entire flue and make it impossible for smoke to travel upwards. This can create a number of safety hazards, and even put your life and your family at risk.

How Much Does Chimney Cleaning Cost?

Chimney cleaning cost depends on the coverage of what the customer wants to clean. From a level one inspection, where the chimney cleaner will examine the exterior and interior of the chimney to clean it, to a level three inspection, where the chimney cleaner will remove parts of the chimney due to serious structural damage and plan a method of repair. Depending on the inspection you require, hiring TJK Chimney Cleaning Services will not empty your pockets!

Choose TJK Chimney Cleaning Services!

When you need a professional chimney sweep, look no further than TJK Chimney Cleaning Services. We specialize in providing personalized one-on-one service for chimney sweep jobs of all sizes. All of our chimney cleaners have passed the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s Chimney Sweep certification course and received their CSIA Chimney Sweep Certificate. This guarantees that you will receive the peace of mind and safety you are looking for when hiring a professional chimney cleaning company. We also provide services such as air duct cleaning, dryer cleaning, and general cleaning services in Falls Church, VA.

So if you need a reliable and certified chimney sweep, give us a call today at TJK Cleaning!


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